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Digital photography. Use your own pictures or let Soft2000 help you

Getting listed on major search engines is a relatively easy process


Getting high up the rankings to appear in the top 50 search results is not that easy. Soft2000 have helped many Companies achieve top ranking sites Beware any "Free Submission" services claiming you'll get listed in thousands of search engines, you could do more damage than good.


Web Design

Soft2000 have designed templates, such as this site, for hundreds of web sites.
Choose your corporate colours and you're away.


There's no big secret in web sites. In fact it's pretty simple really. The clever part is to make your site appealing to a visitor and encourage the visitor to browse the site for information and/or product.


Web Site Content

This is where a web site either makes it or gets dumped:

The site content is crucial and a good idea is to get professional help if you don't already have a marketing plan.

Content has to be interesting and applicable to the visitors interest.
Keep paragraphs to a tidy length, easy to read, to the point and don't waffle.

If you need to go into lengthy descriptions of your product or service, create pages and link to them advising "full detail" here, or words to that effect.

Pictures say more than a thousand words, as they say, but make sure they are quality pictures and small in size to download quickly


Links Page

Soft2000 Hosting

What to do Next

Linking web sites:

The Links page is pretty important.

You've probably seen these Links pages on many sites.



Keep it simple and helpful to visitors by offering a link to more resources appertaining to your product or service. Links are also very useful for gaining weight with search engines.


Soft2000 will be pleased to help with Hosting your web site on a server suitable for your needs.



Avoid any of the "FREE HOSTING" packages you see around the Internet and always be aware, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Make a Decision

If you're serious about promoting your Company on the Internet, whether you are a Managing Director of a Corporate or a Corner Shop, you need professional advice.

The days of knocking something up and hoping it will do ok are gone.

The Internet is a potent tool for marketing and sales and your first steps are crucial to success

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This web site was compiled using only a few pieces of software, but the art is in putting it all together to make your site look great and work efficiently. You can do the same yourself or we can do it for you at a reasonable cost.

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